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Maastricht: Citizens complain about drugrunners, Mayor sees nor hears the problem.

Maastricht: Citizens complain about drugrunners, Mayor sees nor hears the problem.


Today I read two different articles about Maastricht, both articles were about the exclusion of foreign cannabisfans from Dutch coffeeshops. The first article was about a group of Maastricht citizens, whom addressed the government about the problems they are facing since the Maastricht coffeeshops started excluding the French cannabis fans. Belgians and Germans are still allowed in to the Maastricht' coffeeshops, based on some kind of Neighbouring Countries Princple.

The French cannabis fans keep on coming to Maastricht, but now they are buying from the streetdealers, the deals taking place in the neighbourhood of the complaining party. Before turning directly to the Government, several neighbourhood committees asked the coffeeshops to let the French back in, but they were told that was not going to happen until the shopowners know what is going to happen with the Weedpass Project. 


The neighbourhood is in great distress, people are afraid to leave their houses because of the presence of, mainly, intimidating North African drugrunners in their streets. One of the neighbours states: “The coffeeshops are a problem, but this is a far bigger problem, to my opinion.”

They wonder when the Police and the Justice Department are going to act: “Do we have to wait until something serious happens, before the police decides to act? That seems to be the Dutch way of upholding the Law. The problem will not just go away, and it will not go away when a cop takes a walk through the neighbourhood once a week”, is the conclusion of the letter to the government.


After reading this article I thought and posted that the failure of the Weedpass Project has been proven already, because once the Germans and Belgians join the French cannabisfans on the streets there will be a drugrunner in front of every house in Maastricht to try and serve them cannabis, and what more. I smiled, sat back and felt good...

A few hours later another article about the coffeeshop/weedpass situation in Maastricht came out, this time it was a statement by the Mayor of Maastricht, Onno Hoes. I thought he would be concerned about the drugrunner outburst in his City, and that he would admit the Weedpass would only make things worse.

Mayor Onno Hoes came with a completely different view on the problems around excluding foreign cannabisfans. After stating Maastricht is the centre of Europe, and how he wants to get more tourists coming to Maastricht?, he had something to say about the cannabis situation in his City.

Besides that, the drugtourism will be tackled soon. From May 1 the introduction of the Weedpass should make an end to the problems and disturbance. According to Onno Hoes the opponents of the plan unrightfully warn for illegal drugdealing in the streets.” He continues: “We will get extra cops if we need them, and buying (cannabis) illegally can be done everywhere, the foreigners do not have to come to Maastricht for that.”

I am completely flabbergasted, this people's representative does not pay attention to what the people he represents are telling him, he just states he has it all under control!?

No wonder the citizens address the Government, this Mayor seems to be dumb and blind for the growing problems around coffeeshops and cannabis in Maastricht, the City he loves and wants to 'serve' another 15 years. This man is in complete denial, I think he is not even fit to be the Mayor of Madurodam.


I feel for the citizens of Maastricht, with Onno in charge of their City...


Join the Anti Weedpass protest on April 20 in Amsterdam, Holland and Maastricht need your support!


Nol van Schaik,

coffeeshop entrepreneur since 1991.



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20 APRIL 2013

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