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Hippocrates or Hypocrites?

hippocratic oath'Any Doctor who denies their patient the use of cannabis when they request so, is a hypocrite!'

I read complaints from people with serious diseases about their doctor(s), sometimes even in the Netherlands, denying them the use of cannabis as a medicine, even after explaining what a difference it makes to their lives. Most of them are already using cannabis, but they have to buy their medicine of choice on the street, often from a person selling all kinds of drugs, besides cannabis.

I started sending the people involved the “Hippocratic Oath”, the Oath all doctors have to swear on receiving their title. If I read that well, I think all doctors and others with a medical degree have vowed to help their patients in need of medical care the best possible way,
in the best interest of the patient.
Now, how can a doctor refuse his/her patient their medicine of choice, which is, as the patient indicates, in their best interest.

Let's stroll through the Oath, let me know if my interpretation of this very important document is right, and doctors refusing to prescribe cannabis to their patients, are hypocrites.

Hippocratic Oath
I do solemnly vow, to that which I value and hold most dear:
That I will honor the Profession of Medicine, be just and generous to its members, and help sustain them in their service to humanity;
That just as I have learned from those who preceded me, so will I instruct those who follow me in the science and the art of medicine;
That I will recognize the limits of my knowledge and pursue lifelong learning to better care for the sick and to prevent illness;

Cool. This means all doctors should be made aware of the medicinal properties of cannabis, the rapid developments and all 40+ studies proving cannabis can cure cancer and all other medical results, it is about time doctors start to 'pursue learning' about this 'new' medicine!

That I will seek the counsel of others when they are more expert so as to fulfill my obligation to those who are entrusted to my care;

Seek wisdom elsewhere! All doctors without any knowledge of cannabis and its medicinal properties, should consult another doctor, one that does know cannabis in/as medicine.

Doctors denying their patients cannabis, because they are not at all informed about the medical properties of cannabis, are going wrong on this phrase of their sworn Oath: They refuse to seek the counsel of others, more expert in the field, so they do not live up to the fulfillment of their sworn obligation to those who are entrusted in their care.

That I will not withdraw from my patients in their time of need; That I will lead my life and practice my art with integrity and honor, using my power wisely;

That whatsoever I shall see or hear of the lives of my patients that is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep in confidence;

That into whatever house I shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick;

That I will maintain this sacred trust, holding myself far aloof from wrong, from corrupting, from the tempting of others to vice;

Right. Unfortunately, the CEO's of Pharmaceutical Industry did not swear this Oath, so they try to corrupt doctors into prescribing their particular medicine, I bet they do succeed in this many a time.


Prescribing patients medicines they do not want, overruling the wish of the patient involved, is wrong, not close to wrong, just wrong.

That above all else I will serve the highest interests of my patients through the practice of my science and my art;

Yes! It sounds funny in this context, 'the highest interest' but these three words are what my remarks are all about. If a patient clearly indicates he/she wants to be prescribed cannabis, because he/she thinks it works better for him/her than drugs in pills, and the doctor refuses to serve the highest interest of the patient, then such a doctor is serving the interest of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

That I will be an advocate for patients in need and strive for justice in the care of the sick.

Great! This means that not only should doctors study and prescribe cannabis, they should also seek Justice for their patients, by demanding full refunds for patients using medical cannabis.
From experience I know that many of the sick people that shift from regular medicine, like painkillers, morphine and other drugs, to cannabis, reduce or stop using their previous medication. In most cases, this means the patient will use (far) less 'regular' medicine, which cuts back the costs of their health care in general. A good cause to stand up for, in my opinion.

I now turn to my calling, promising to preserve its finest traditions, with the reward of a long experience in the joy of healing.

Please, do, in the meanwhile we will be calling on all doctors to follow up on their sworn Oath to 'serve the highest interest of their patients, and to acknowledge the many medicinal properties of cannabis, and to pursue 'lifelong learning to better care for the sick and to prevent illness', so help them Hippocrates.

I make this vow freely and upon my honor.

Please, doctors, honor this Oath by informing and/or updating yourself about the medical use of cannabis, so you can pass your knowledge on to the next generation of doctors, and to your patients. You might even advise them cannabis as medicine in case the patient is not aware of this medical alternative.

P.S: I hope Weill Cornell Medical College comes up with a good program to educate former and new students about the medicinal properties of cannabis, and the many ailments it can relief and even cure. In case they want more information, they can just google the words 'cannabis cures', one will be surprised with what pops up!

Nol van Schaik.
Medical cannabis supplier since 1996.



©Copyright 2005. Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY. (Only their text, of course, mine is free to share. NvS.)

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