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Breaking News about the Weedpass!!

Breaking News about the Weedpass!!

It seems as if coffeeshop entrepreneurs have a better vision of society than politicians and Mayors.
Marc Josemans, the brave chairman of the Maastricht Coffeeshop Union, predicted last year that the introduction of the Weedpass, in other words, refusing foreigners from the local coffeeshops would cost the City millions in turnover.
He stated that 345 people will lose their jobs in coffeeshops, and the City will lose out on € 30 million in turnover all together.

Guess what? The man is right, his prediction has come through, only 10 days after the introduction of the Weedpass! The next article, released by De Limburger today, proves him right!

Local entrepreneurs are complaining the numbers of their customers are decreasing since the introduction of the Weedpass. They say it is to early for exact figures, but Burger King may have to lay of people because of the lack of customers. The smaller entrepreneurs, like the the shoemaker shop, the Kebab shop, an Italian restaurant, they all notice a drop in turnover.

In the meanwhile, Nijmegen, in the Province of Gelderland, in the Weedpass Free Zone, is reporting a 30 % rise in turnover in the local coffeeshops. The coffeeshoppers in the Weedpass Zone that do not wish to register, and do not want to take their purchases to the street, just drive to the nearest coffeeshop outside their provinces. I am sure I predicted that several times, this is called the 'Waterbed effect'.

The next video is titled: “Nijmegen now DrugsCity Nr.1 because of Weedpass”

It seems the Weedpass is as big a failure as the fallen government, it will cost us Dutchies all dearly!

Nol van Schaik,
Coffeeshopentrepreneur since 1991.


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Edition 2013

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